Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So Susan, What are your views on religion?

I honestly don't think about it much. I was raised by parents who were very active in their protestant church. I was forced to go to sunday school and church every Sunday. A lot of the teachings did not resonate with me and some were very confusing. When I left home, I gave it up entirely.

When I have thought about it, I'm conflicted. I think it might be nice to have all the rules and regulations of life spelled out so clearly. Heck, some positions in some religions even tell you what to wear so you don't even have to make fashion decisions.

I can easily see how the community of organized religion could be a comfort to some. I'm just not that big on groups of anything.

There are a couple of little weird bubbles to my thoughts on religion. While I really do think Mormonism is a weird cult with strange customs and whacko ideas, some of the best people I've ever known have been Mormon. My two best co-workers ever were both Mormon. They were kind and fun and sharp and dependable and thoughtful and interesting - just the nicest guys you ever want to meet. Other Mormons I have known have just been outstanding individuals. While I do have a prejudice against Mormonism, I think I have an equally strong prejudice for Mormons. Weird.

Personally, I'm not at all religious (except for maybe about Diet Dr Pepper). I'm not particularly spiritual. I do try to stay mindful and make sure I am aware and grateful and thoughtful.
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