Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hot savings

Three fabric stores in town are having sales - labor day sales all of which end today (before labor day which is pissy). But, it's too hot to hit the streets. So I am saving a bundle at these sales... by not going at all.

I made a shirt yesterday which did not turn out well. It was too big. I made adjustments to make it smaller but it's still pretty much a fail. On the up side, I made it out of my least favorite and cheapest Goodwill sheet. So pretty much no harm at all.

I decided it was too hot to shop while I was swimming so I mentally inventoried what I have on hand and came up with what might be a great shirt idea and I have just the sheets to try it out on. I'll cut out the pattern today while the ballgame is on.

I did some more research and figured out the TiVo Acorn vs regular Acorn and other Amazon viewing apps. I got Acorn at $6 a month through Amazon and it's much easier to navigate with TiVo. I watched episode 1 of Delicious which I thought was a comedy but is not but is very good and has Dawn French who's long been a favorite of mine.

There will be some doing of laundry today. I had a massive fight with a soft boiled egg today and I pretty much lost. Some kitchen towels took on yoke shrapnel plus the laundry basket is getting full anyway.

So that's it... staying inside where it's cool and comfortable with my knitting and baseball and whatever else pops up.
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