Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So Susan, If you have brothers or sisters, how are you similar to them or different from them?

When we were still at home, my mother would often describe my sister and me this way... When I tell Nancy (my sister) to do something, she'll whine and complain and carry on and pitch a fit and drive me crazy and then do it. When I tell Susie to do something she instantly says 'Ok' and then never does it.

I'm pretty sure my mom went to her grave trying to decide which was better or which was worse. My sister and I share very little at all. We might be more alike than we are different but I'd sure like to think that wasn't the case.

My brother is his own kettle of fish. My Mom used to say about him Our plan was to have five kids. Then we had your brother. And then we stopped. He was into every thing always. And she learned what little darlings my sister and I really were. Ha!

My brother had an inside imaginary friend - Hossenfeffer. And Hossenfeffer had an entire army of mechanical men that lived outside the house. They did a lot of stuff around the yard. Leaving bikes and toys out and stuff like that.

My sister and I shared an imaginary friend (kind of pathetic that we couldn't come up with one of our own). I think it was the last thing we shared. Miss SippyCookie came to all our tea parties and we were pretty much tea party animals.

It's kind of hard to believe that the three of use come from the exact same parents.
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