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I forgot to lower the blinds before I left home this morning so I did not tarry after my swim, I shot home to get them down before the sun fried the entire house for the day. Made it. Whew. I was going to stop at the grocery on the way home but I'll do it tomorrow.

I have ranted and raved and stomped my feet and bitched and moaned and carried on about Ontrac delivery service over the years. They made me so mad that I finally pressured Amazon into not using them for my packages for a couple o years. But, today, on Front Door TV Network, I nearly had my mind changed.

Ontrac guy comes to the door with one Amazon box. He gets buzzed in. While he's in, two more people arrive separately. One is working the buzz in box and the other is waiting his turn. Neither is being successful. They both try the door. Locked. Go back to the buzz box.

Meanwhile the Ontrac guy comes back through the lobby. He very very carefully and deliberately opens the door using his body to block the two from tailgating in and then forces the door to close and lock before they can enter. So cool. So thoughtful. I let the HOA president and the building manager know. They deal with Ontrac and I hope they send kudos back to them.

Last night's game was a fun one. And we won. Oakland. It was hot getting there but my seat was in the shade from the start and the temperature was perfect all game. The crowd was good. No assholes saying stupid stuff behind me. The cute girl with the odd companions was back with an adorable older Asian couple. I do not know her story but she is a very excellent and fun baseball seatmate. My walk home was not hard at all and really pleasant. A lovely evening. My next game is Wednesday. Houston.

My ear issue is gone. Done Fixed. In case it happens again, I captured the timeline of how it went down.

Prior to day 1 - itching for several days inside the ear
Day 1 - hurt
Day 2 - hurt
Day 3 - hurt (but not escalating, day 1 was the worst)
Day 4 - doctor - antibiotic drops
Day 6 - better but stopped up badly
Day 7 - better but still stopped up
Day 8 - fine but still needing vibration to unstop
Day 9 - unstopped on its own while I was showering
Day 10 - no stoppage, no pain, everything fine and dandy

Today is sewing and knitting and everything else that can be done inside in air conditioned comfort.
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