Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


After unpacking and totally assembling and then totally disassembling and repacking one desk yesterday, I was semi not looking forward to today's desk.

But, this company, Seville, knows how to do it. Their instructions are clear and their parts are solid and the result is really nice and exactly what I was looking for. It's adjustable and because it has two feet (instead of a a bar) it slides farther under my chair. I have been using a c-table for a long time but this is better and bigger.


My new sewing pattern is all constructed and the new shirt cut out. I decided to hold off the sewing part (which actually takes the least amount of time) until tomorrow. Besides, it's hot.

My Mariner bag is all packed and ready. I can't decide which shirt to wear. I have my Hawaiian Mariners shirt and my hot weather Mariners shirt which originally was only for day games but it's hot so I'm thinking I might make an exception.

My Britbox free trial is up so I canceled it. I also discovered that I can get both Britbox and Acorn on TiVo via Amazon so I may well go back to Acorn that way.

Humana is still 'processing' my prescription. They probably will still cancel the order but are just futzing with it first. Meanwhile, this afternoon I got an email asking me how I liked their customer service. Seriously??? You have the worst customer service possible. Thanks for asking. The prescription in question is for Pravastatin - cholesterol control. I'll bet if I stopped taking it, the ramifications would be zip.I know my blood pressure would go down.

I cleaned out a cupboard today and found 40 coffee pods. Amazon was getting ready to send me 60 with my Subscribe and Save deal. I told them to wait a month. Caught it just in time. Today was the last day to change the order. Saved some cash there!

I've got two hours before time to leave for the game. I think I'll knit.
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