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I'm going to skip the usual complaint about holidays and holiday weekends. On the up side, my social security check came early because of the Monday holiday so not all bad. It's time now to beef up that rainy day fund because the end/beginning of the new year brings lot's o' financial rain - HOA dues (I pay annually), long term care insurance policy payment, new hot water heater and this year, Mariners tickets. At least I fronted the federal taxes this year by making quarterly payments. But, still. I moved most of this month's 'pay' into savings to get ready.

Actually, I just realized that it's now nearly 9 am and I have lots I want to do today so I need to get off this fat ass and get going.

Starting at the end, tonight is one of my Mariner games. After this there are only 3 more. Today they open up the roster so there will be new faces, faces returning after having been sent to the minors, and old faces... The Mariner post game possibilities are dwindling fast but they aren't out yet. And there is the buffet. But, before the game...

I have a new pattern to try and the perfect sheet from Goodwill to try it with. But, first, I need to tape the 55 pages together to get the pattern pieces. That's probably task #1.

And today is the first day of my mystery knit along. You get the pattern in three pieces 1 today, 1 on the 8th and the last on the 15th. And you have no clue what it looks like. I think it's a cowl or neck wrap of some kind. Should be fun. The first clue just arrived but, I think I'll start with the pattern making/sewing project.

It's supposed to be a hot one so I'm happy I have so much stuff to do inside under the loving eye of my air conditioner. By time to go to the game, at least the sun will no longer be screaming.

Oh and my swim boyfriend #2 (the one that looks like Ezio Pinza) was not there today. First day he's missed all week. Boyfriend #1 (the young hunk who is so nice to me) was thete - first time all week so it was a good swim. My Fitbit failed again but the Misfit worked so... backup! ha. Nope. I think when the Fitbit battery runs down, it's going into the drawer.
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