Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Taking a break

The pneumatic desk I ordered arrived. It is a very nice looking perfect sized heavy SOB with a lot of parts. I put it all together only to discover that the pneumatic bit didn't work. Sigh. It was also way too high at its lowest point so back it goes.

I ordered a non-pneumatic made by the same outfit. It's also big but it's lowest point is nearly 10 inches lower than the one going back. It's also $70 cheaper, so there's that.

Before that, I took advantage of the cool and cloudy and walked up to the other side of the neighborhood to try out the new sushi place. It is a nice, little, mostly order to go place. I ordered the wrong thing but that was my bad. I will be going back once the sun and heat disappear. It was a nice little trot up there and my fitness trackers loved it.

I did a little sewing. Note to me. Keep that room clean. It is really nice now that the house cleaner did her thing. Much nicer than it was yesterday morning. So, from here on out, I pledge to pick up the shit after every project and run the vacuum cleaner. That's all it will take.

Next up is a trip to Cash & Carry. I need Diet Dr. Pepper. I buy it there by the case because it's easy and cheap. I just pulled out my last 6 pack so time to re-up. I also think I'll pop into the gas station, too. There are long lines at the gas stations near my brother's. I figure it's only a matter of time before either the prices go up here or we get lines, too. Or both. Plus, I hate to run low anyway.

So, off I go.
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