Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My back is having a hard time this morning. It just aches. And while today is supposed to be nice (cloudy and a little cooler), the next 7 days look to be horribly hot with unrelenting sun. And Humana has not yet cancelled my prescription order which means I cannot yet ratchet up the fight to resolution.

BUT... my house is clean and tidy and nice. No one needs me to to do anything today. Nothing is due or overdue. My new desk is on the truck on the way here. The Mariners have the day off so they will not lose another game today.

So... some good/some bad.

I just bought a pattern for a pair of pants and am waiting now for the download link. It's from Simplicity. There are lots of pattern companies now. A few major ones and a ton of small indie houses. The indie houses pretty much all offer PDF versions. Simplicity is the first major one I've seen that gives you the option. Kudos for teaching an old dog, new tricks. However, like many old dogs trying new tricks, their process is pretty horrific involving misinformation (your order will be shipped in 3-5 days), multiple account set ups with totally unnecessarily rigid password rules, plus other hurdles, puddles and roadblocks. Sigh. At least I'm not in a massive hurry. I'm not sure I even have enough of an appropriate fabric on hand.

Two new tracker/watches that you can wear while swimming were announced yesterday. Both about $300 each. One has a nice look but both have buckles - I hate buckles. They scratch my laptop and irritate my wrist when I type. But, more importantly, neither appear to be good enough for me. So much depends on the info shown while you swim and the data collected and shown in the app. Neither one of these announcements included much about either of these and/or the watches themselves don't have it. I'm not ponying up $300 for something I don't like anyway that might not even do what I want.

Meanwhile I'm on day tow of wearing two trackers and am leaning towards putting the Fitbit on the shelf and just going with the Misfit.
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