Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My own personal pharmacological conspiracy.

I take one small Pravasatin for cholesterol control. I noticed the other night I had only a few weeks worth left. So I went to Humana Pharmacy and picked it out of the list and asked for a refill. There was a note that there were no more refills so they would call my doctor. They have done this before so I didn't think anything of it.

Yesterday, I got a note that the order had been canceled. Not one tiny clue as to why. Only a love note saying to call them. They, of course, have the most annoying and useless telephone system/service in the world. So I went to MyChart and asked my doctor to call in a new prescription.

This morning I got a note from my doctor's 'Refill Expert' WTF?? that Humana Pharmacy had a viable prescription with 2 refills left and I should call them. Fuck me. So I did. I needed extra blood pressure meds by the time I got a human but, of course, she had no clue why it was cancelled and said she would reorder. I said that reordering was likely not going to fix the problem and she said 'well, I don't know what else to do'.

So, they get one last shot. I placed the reorder. If they cancel, I'm going back to the doctor and tell him to send the prescription to the local pharmacy here. I'll get in the car and go pick the shit up rather that deal with Humana Pharmacy.

I ordered the Pravasatin and a refill of Losartan. They sent the Losartain already. I suspect they will not cancel the Pravasatin until tomorrow.

But, on a much much happier note, a few weeks ago I broke my favorite bowl. It was a one off I'd gotten at Goodwill one time. I loved that bowl. Well, today, I checked and they had FIVE of them!!! I only got two. Didn't want to hog/hoard. But, so happy.

And my house is so clean.
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