Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Moth for breakfast

When I got back from the pool this morning, I went into the kitchen to get coffee, as usual. Zoey always meets me there and sits on the counter waiting (usually not patiently) for her breakfast. But, today, she was MIA. I could hear here somewhere in the house but not in the kitchen.

Turns out she had found a moth somewhere and after chasing it around forever, finally caught it. And then spent a good 5 minutes getting it into her mouth, dropping it, picking it up, dropping it... etc. She does not have much practice with big game hunting but sure got in her strokes today. And now she's totally sacked out on the ottoman. Hunting and gathering is hard!

I finally got to hear Ezio Pinza's voice this morning. He's a now very regular swim buddy. (He looks just like Ezio so that's how he got his name.) Ezio's voice was nearly terminally sexy. While my Ezio has a lovely voice, it's not close. He was hanging out with a group of us just prior to their opening the gym and as we were walking through on the way to the pool, he caught up with me and said "I always wondered what time I'd have to get here to beat you in." hahaha

The pool was kind of crowded today. One buddy I used to see regularly but haven't seen in months was back. She said her work had a late start for Summer so she didn't have to come in so early but that was over now so she's a regular in my time slot again.

I'm now way overboard on the tracker sitch. I dug out my Misfit Ray last night. I'm now wearing it and the Fitbit. I remember now the things I liked about Misfit that I don't get with Fitbit. What I'd really like to do is toss them into a blender with a few other ingredients and pour out the perfect one. I even looked at Apple watches this morning. (Yes, I do feel dirty.) But, quickly realized there was no possibility there without an iPhone and that sure ain't happenin'.

The house cleaner comes today (yeah! - this place needs some cleaning love) and I'm off to Goodwill. At 11, there will be more futzing with the webcams in the lobby. Hopefully, this will be the end of my part in the setup. Then the baseball game is on at 12:30.

It's cloudy out today and not supposed to get above 75 degrees so the shades are up and the door is open and the a/c is off. Fingers crossed that it lasts.
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