Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yer Welcome


Closet purge is done and whew. I was merciless. I let some things go that I truly love and that even Marie Kondo probably would have kept. I also found some stuff that had been lost because the closet just had too much shit in it. So now it does not have too much shit in it. More than half of this is already in the car. I'll take the last two bags with me as I walk out the door.

And then I ordered a new laptop desk. My posture is so piss poor. Between that and all the extra pounds I carry around, not to mention old age, my back is in perpetual ache. I spend so much time on this laptop that I figure being able to move it up and down easily might help. So I got a simple table with a pneumatic lift. Be here Thursday. Thanks, Amazon.

More fucking with the condo cams. I'm getting a little weary of them but I do enjoy the spying. Sandy decided she wanted one moved. So I had to un Sugru it. Fortunately it was the latest one to be Sugru'd so it was quite cured yet and I was able to salvage the wall. Good thing I ordered more.

Now I'm hot and tired and ready to sit and watch baseball and knit. Ooops rain in Baltimore. Roofs, people!! Get one. I guess it's back to Silent Witness. S'ok I need to burn through them before my trail is up anyway.
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