Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So Susan, What is your relationship like with various members of your family?

My family was never huge and is dying out so at least this will be quick. I have a brother and a sister and a cousin.

My Mom had only one brother who was killed in World War II before he fathered any children. Dad had one sister who who had a son. My Aunt and her husband are long gone but her son is still alive.

My cousin is now 74 and lives in the house his dad built when he was 7 not that far from downtown Oklahoma City. He was (is?) a journeyman electrician who never married. My Dad made kind of an effort to include him but never approved of his life decisions so wasn't all that successful. I'm the only one in our family he's even moderately attached to. He's not big on communication. No acrimony at all. Probably indifference more than anything. I used to call him every four or five years just to check in. It didn't seem as if he minded the calls, more like he just didn't see the point.

About 7 or 8 years ago, I got a post card from him asking for my email address for his attorney who was setting up a trust with me as a trustee. Then a couple of years after that, I got an official letter from the attorney saying he was no longer involved with any trusts because he was now a judge. Really odd the whole thing, but that's my cousin.

My sister is 18 months younger than I am and lives on Lopez Island which happens to be about 2.5 hours north of here. We have not spoken since shortly after my Mom died in 2005. My sister has always been high maintenance. When my parents were alive, I tried to keep a relationship with her because it meant a lot to them. But it was a bloody struggle and when they died, I quit. My life is substantially better, calmer, nicer without her in it.

My brother is 4 years younger than I am. He's my friend and my support and my connection. We went years without much contact. We were busy. But a couple of decades ago we kind of drifted back together and it's been so wonderful for me. He lets me share his life and his chickens 24/7 via webcams. He never runs out of patience at my very frequent pestering of him about this and that and nothing important. My life would not be nearly as rich or as nice without him.
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