Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Vibrator with a happy ending

Yep, my toothbrush for the win. My ear was once again stubbornly stopped up after the pool and a shower. This time it took less than 10 seconds with the handle end of the vibrating tooth brush to knock that water out. I now keep a toothbrush in my swim bag. Oddly, however, I just put in the morning ear drops and no clogging at all. Maybe I didn't do them right. Oh well, only 2.5 more days. It's a tiny bottle that just keeps giving drops - kind of a loaves and fishes thing.

Today's another hot one. I keep hoping they will end and they keep coming back. On the up side, it's saving me money. I had a couple of shopping things in mind for today but with the sun out full and the heat on, I think I'll just save me cash and stay here.

I gave up on Acorn TV and signed up for Britbox TV. Britbox is $2 a month more expensive and the app sucks majorly. I thought it was going to be good because it has lifestyle shows but none of them turn out to be interesting. I did find one season of Silent Witness which I really like so I'll watch it and then cancel before the 7 day free period ends.

It does have a feature that I never knew I wanted and now really want everywhere. I keep closed captioning on for everything. But it's particularly important for shows with accents that I'm not used to. Britbox's CC is color coded by character! I've never seen this before and it's really really good.

My very strange next door neighbor is getting stranger by the day. Last week, I was in the lobby taping down the cable for one of the webcams. I put my large roll of tape down on the edge of a planter and then I went to get the step ladder from the garage. When I got back (less than a minute) the tape was gone. One of the other cameras shows the whole lobby so I checked and could clearly see that my neighbor had come in the front door and picked up the tape and then gone to the elevator. WTF??

So I knocked on his door and asked for my tape back and he handed it over. He said he thought it was his. ??? This morning I saw him wandering across the street next to the baseball stadium, looking at his phone, at 4:45 am. Of course, it was a nice, cool time to take a walk and the streets are certainly not crowded. But, still he's really more than a few pixels off, I think.

This morning I need to semi permanently mount the third webcam. I thought it was ok until it fell down twice this weekend. I think it's absolutely a Sugru candidate.

I heard on NPR a month or so ago that one of my blood pressure medications is disappearing from shelves. I thought at the time that I should make sure I reorder as soon as my insurance lets me. And then I totally forgot about it. Today I get a note from the insurance/pharmacy that they are out and have no clue when they will get more and I should contact my doctor for a substitute. Fuck. oh well.

I think I'll go fix the cam and then sew something.
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