Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Genius = me

So the latest trick my broken ear is pulling is getting clogged up and staying clogged up. After swimming and after putting in the drops, it clogs and won't unclog. Bouncing on my foot with my ear parallel to the ground does nothing. Hand suction doesn't work. None of my tricks works. This morning, it finally cleared.

But, just now, I put the drops in my ears and then clog. Stopped up. And nothing I could do to fix it. It was driving me nuts. Then I remembered seeing this gadget in my internet research. It's a vibrator for your ear that removes the water.

So I went and got my vibrating toothbrush and put the end just where the ear opening meets my jaw and held it there vibrating. Took less than 10 seconds to fix the problem. I put my spare toothbrush into my swim bag. Gadget costs $40. Toothbrush costs $3.

I win.
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