Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis



When I ripped down the wall sconce, the outer layer of wall board came with it. There was major wall booboo about the circumference of a coffee mug - paint, paper, texturing - all gone. But I fixed it. I did such a good job that after the paint dried, I almost couldn't tell where I patched. Ditto on the other wall, too. I'm delighted with the lights and the patches.

I just got a glass of water and filled it with little ice nuggets. Zoey, the cat, hopped up to get a drink as she is frequently wont to do. Next thing I know, she'd speared couple of little nuggets and she flipped out - it was hilarious. I think she's pissed off about all these dogs all over social media today.

I went out to the Living Computer Museum. They are having a little fair today and then I stopped at a little flea market nearby. Nothing interesting and my hips started hurting so I took them through the McDonald's drive-in and got a Rolo McFlurry. Quite delicious.

I think I'm in for the rest of the day now. I have stuff to watch and knitting to do and, plus, I dripped McFlurry on my shirt so it's either stay in or change shirts. Who needs more laundry?! Not me.
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