Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So Susan, What's something you're good at? What makes you good at it?

I can do a lot of things well if I really set my mind to it but the one thing I am really really good at is anticipatory planning. This came into play far more often when I was working than it does not but I still get to do it now and again.

I am very good at planning but even better at anticipating all the things that could go differently and making sure that my end point is successful simply because the interim steps suffered last minute changes.

I have no idea where this skill came from but it got me several great jobs and helped me make a couple of not great ones way better. It's a skill that particularly executives treasure in their staff. And it can get complicated.

You can't do what you need to do next until you get a signature. I go off to find the person for signing with both a list of alternate signers and where to find them as well as a way to work around the requirement if none of the signers are available. I plan to get our little group from x to y the easiest way and at least 3 other ways, just in case. And I do this type of stuff on the fly. Every time.

I had a boss one time who said of me 'Her plan A is usually golden but she always has B-Z ready to fire if needed.' That was a good 30 years ago and I am still wallowing in that compliment.
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