Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy ears

My swim this morning was great. My broken ear is so much better that it's hard to remember to put in the drops. My earbuds kept the water from sloshing in and out. My ear was stopped up when I got out but it didn't take long to get the water out. So... mainly... whew!

Dear Trader Joe's, If you want to know which product you are going to discontinue next, you can just ask me what is my favorite. No love, me.

In January, they quit making/selling my favorite iced cinnamon rolls. This month they discontinued their holandaise sauce. Not only that, when I went to customer service to ask about it, I had to wait more than 5 minutes and then one of their 'associates' wandered by to ask what I wanted. When I asked about the holandaise sauce, she could not have been snippier. I'm thinking maybe it's time for me and Trader Joe's to break up.

I have had battery powered motion sensing light sconces in the kitchen for a few months. It keeps me from having to turn on the lights when I'm just in and out for something. Except. They eat up batteries like nobody's business. I started tracking and it turns out they want 4 new ones every 3 weeks or sooner. Too much. So today I replaced them with plug in ones that actually look way better and have more light.

I have to reputty and paint where the sconces came off the wall. That's my next chore.

I have a little tablet in the kitchen were I track dates. I had a note about when I last changed the sconce batteries and then one just below it - TB 8/3. I've been pondering over what the fuck TB is for about 3 weeks now. Just as I went to erase the sconce info, it came to me! Tooth Brush!! I use disposable vibrating toothbrush. I should swap out for a new one every month but I forget until the vibrating gets nearly not noticeable. So I made a quick note. It's now been changed to T Brush 8/3. I don't need to wear out my few remaining brain cells on stupid stuff.

The Mariners game is a morning game today which is nice. I haven't decided what's happening after. I have 7 innings to decide.
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