Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So Susan, Where are you happiest? Describe that place.

Easy, peasy. I a happiest inside my house. I live in a condo in the historic part of downtown Seattle. I love the location. But most of all I love being inside these four walls.

It's kind of a loft/flat. The only floor to ceiling walls close in the full bath and the half bath. The kitchen is separated from the living room by a peninsula and then there is a 7 foot wall between the kitchen and the bedroom (the ceiling is 12 feet). There is also a little room by the front door that is my sewing room. When you open the front door, you immediately see down a long hallway to the terrace and outside. It is 1,300 square feet and is painted in various colors - purple, green blue and yellow.

When I did a complete makeover in 2005, I documented the place fairly well, but that's been a while - lots has changed.

I often think of moving out of Seattle, out of this house, to a new place, new neighborhood and then I start thinking of specifics and weighing the pros and cons and it takes no time at all to realize this is where I love to be really and truly.

If I didn't live here, I'd do everything in my power to change things so I could.
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