Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's the little things

A few years ago there was a local news story about a guy threatening a woman with a gun in the Walmart parking lot in Factoria. I did an immediate double take at this amazing news. Not the guy, not the woman, not the gun... but, they now have a Walmart in Factoria???!!!

The other day, nanila wrote an entry about a great trip she took complete with wonderful pictures but in the middle of one of the paragraphs she mentioned being served eggs in cozys to keep them warm. Egg cozy??!!! Why in the world had I never even thought of this?!

I love soft boiled eggs - eaten right out of the shell. I love egg cups. I actually recently gifted a bunch of mine to Goodwill because I don't use them any more. One of the main reasons I don't use them is that I hate cold soft boiled eggs. One is not enough. But, by the time I finish one, I have to slurp down the second one immediately or it will get cold. Finally, I had too many cold eggs and it was just an annoying hassle and I abandoned them all together.

Until I read about this genius idea. So I whipped up a cozy. And tried it. And the problem is so solved that I'm more than a little embarrassed I didn't think of this on my own! Doh.


I finished my first egg, took a photo, ate a piece of toast and, when I lifted the cozy off the second egg and cracked it open, it was the perfect temperature.

Between a breakfast treat and a morning swim, my day is off to a great start.

legalmoose suggested ear buds as ear plugs might help keep water out of my ears. So I goggled options and realized that I actually own most of them. So I dug into my shoebox full of random swimming listening devices and came up with 4 different ear bud options to try. And this morning I tried them all. None keep the water out BUT two kept the water from sloshing around inside my ear and one of those also provided a good listening experience. As it happens this one is the one I've been using all along. BUT, now I know for sure, I am using the best option. Which is, indeed, valuable info. On the down side, if this ear continues to be a problem, my only real solution is an ear plug without music - if that would even work.

But, today, at least, my swim was really really nice. I think staring in the face of not being able to swim makes my being able to do it sweeter.

Nothing out of the ordinary on today's agenda. I have a shirt to sew up and one of the condo cams needs yet another adjustment and there's a baseball game this evening. We play the Yankees in New York. They lost a vicious game yesterday to Detroit that included 3 bench clearing brawls. I do hope they have that out of their system.

It's going to be hot again for the next week. Just when I was hoping to see the end of hot. But, on the up side, having the door closed and the air conditioner on means that I won't even hear the mayhem that will be tonight's home Seahawks game.
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