Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So, Susan... What do you like to do? How does it make you feel?

Quite possibly, I picked the wrong list but as a slave to my commitments...

I like to sew and knit and watch TV and listen to books and watch baseball.

Sewing involves listening to podcasts just because that's how it's set up. So I find myself going back to sew something when there is a new podcast ready to listen to. But mostly I sew things. I keep supplies for big and small projects so when the sew hits, I can just fire up the machine and have at it. I like the process almost better than the project. And I like keeping it all organized. It makes me feel productive which is a biggie with me.

I like to knit. Mostly I knit to give my hands something to do while I watch TV. For the past 25 years, I've pretty much knitted things that I've donated - blankets, bears, toys. This made me feel both productive and like I was giving back. A good feeling. Lately, I've been knitting for me. This kind of knitting requires that I pay attention. I can still have the TV on but paying attention to both the TV and the knitting is tricky. I enjoy both the process and the product. I will eventually go back to charity knitting but for now, I'm liking the more complicated version.

I enjoy TV. I watch nearly all of it via TiVo which I've had for nearly 2 decades now. It enhances my enjoyment of the process. At one point - pre-TiVo - I had 5 VCRs on 2 TV's. Keeping up with all those tapes and tapings was a major headache. I don't do appointment TV. Even baseball games are recorded. I generally start watching about 30 minutes in so I can fast forward through the commercials and other bits I don't like.

I do find it very annoying to see something or hear something IRL that I didn't quite catch and not be able to rewind and see it or hear it again.

I used to read voraciously. A couple of books a week. These days, not so much but I do always have an audio book in process. I can count on probably one hand, the number of times in my life since I was 5, that I went to sleep without reading or listening to a book in bed before I drifted off. I read mostly novels. Mostly contemporary novels with some kind of murder and mayhem. No cozy mysteries or romance.

And baseball. I love the rhythm of baseball. The quiet of it. The surprise of it. The every day of it. And I have for a very long time. My Grandpa taught me to love it and my mother took up where he left off. Interestingly, no one else in my family is at all interested.
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