Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ears and more ears

When I went to bed last night I still hadn't decided on swimming today or not. But, this morning I woke up at 4:30. Plenty of time to get to the pool which was a far more attractive option than moving all of the suits and stuff off the bathtub hanging bar so I could shower. So I grabbed all my stuff and went swimming.

I spent a lot of time testing and retesting the various keeping-ear-dry options so I didn't get as much of a swim as usual but it was good nonetheless. Cap - goggles over, goggles under, music earbuds - marshmallow, tree, swim and then all of that with the headband.

NONE of that worked. Seriously, none of it. The best option really is the one I've always used - no cap/band - just the special swim earbuds. I did (doctor's suggestion) use a wadded up tissue to wick the surface water out after my swim. I'm just hoping that once this infection clears, all will be fine again. Amazon, here's your stuff back.

More condo cam issues. We really don't want to permanently mount them anywhere until we get the report from the security consultant in a few weeks. But the temporary attachments are now failing regularly. Two of them fell down yesterday evening and again last night. I keep having to go down there with more tape. It's getting comical.

Once I ditched all the ear trials, I could concentrate on my swim thoughts this morning and so designed a new shirt to make out of those sheets. It has pleats in the back and wrist banded sleeves. I may get started on it today.

In between packing up stuff for Amazon and fixing the web cams and figuring out how/where to stash all this kitty kibble. There's a full day for you in retirement land.
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