Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kinda stuck to the plan... a little

Sandy finally came and we got everything squared away and now have history going for all the Nest Cams which is good. We were done about 11:30 and I decided to go on my Goodwill run.

I totally forgot to empty the Goodwill hamper to take with me. Doh. Guess I'll have to go again sometime.

The Ballard store is just enough different and just enough same (as my usual Goodwill) to make the trip worthwhile. Today was a total score. 6 sheets!! 5 knitted - lots of nice t-shirts and other comfy things - and one really nice denim sheet. I've never seen a denim sheet but this yardage in fabric store denim like this would be $50/60! I'm not sure what I'm going to make out of it - jacket? vest? who knows. It's nice stuff. The whole lot was $22.

With that victory under my belt, I canned the other Goodwill stores. I'll do them another day. I did head, however, right to 5 Guys and had a great lunch. I love that place. Always great food, nice people, clean store. Yum. Then I made a quick stop at the grocery on the way home and got sushi for dinner.

Sandy had suggested we move one of the Nest Cams so when I got home, I got onto that project and she came along when I was in mid-move so we did it together and found a better spot.

Then I came back up here and cut the sheets to make them all flat before I run them through the washer. Three of the sheets were fitted so I had to unfit them.


I ordered some cat food from Amazon - cheapo dry kibbles. I added it to my order to make the total enough to qualify for one day shipping. Problem is that I ended up ordering the GIANT bag. I'm not even sure where I'm going to store it. But we now have nearly a lifetime supply of dry kibble. (And it really was cheap!)

Baseball starts in just a little bit and my reminder just went off saying it's ear drop time.
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