Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So Susan... What's your favorite color, place, food, book, song, or movie, and why?

I hate this question. Because I have no good answer for any of it really. But, in for a dime...

The color I go to most often is a lime yellowish green. I'm kind of partial to most greens actually. When I was little, it was blue all the way. No clue why.

My favorite place is my house. I love it in here. I love the color (see answer to first question) and the convenience. It feels safe and invigorating and comfy. And the company is always delightful.

My favorite read of the last few years is an odd little novel called Heft written by Liz Moore. I have not re-read it but I should. It was just a delightful story.

I honestly really, I promise, have no favorite song. I am not a music person. Personal record players came into fashion when I was a teenager. Stereos were fancy and expensive and for grownups who really liked music. Record players were quite cool. The best kind was the kind that only played stacks of 45's. Albums cost big bucks and only had one singer. 45's were mostly under a $1 so you could buy a stack of all different singers and songs.

I can probably recite the lyrics to most any tune that was popular from about 1955 to about 1971. And then I graduated from college and NPR was on the radio and for years about my only exposure to music was pretty much Muzac when I was in a store. Even today the only music I really listen to is that stuff on my Shuffle when I swim. I rarely turn on the radio in the car at all. And never at home. So no favorite song.

Favorite movie. Again, not my milieu. There are a lot of movie types I do not like and precious few I do. I see fewer and fewer these days. I've given up on movie theater movies and don't really have the patience watching them at home much. One movie that I did see in the theater that had a huge impact on me was a Jennifer Anniston film - decidedly NOT rom com called Cake.
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