Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It is beyond odd to wake up and not go swimming. I feel like I'm at 6s and 7s.

Ok, now, that was a fine rabbit hole. I went to Wikipedia to look up where that term came from and I got a giant 'please donate' screen. I've done this in the past, donated to Wikipedia. They don't ask often and they never nab me and they let me use my Amazon card which gives me mega cash back so, ok, I'll donate. So I did and then after that totally forgot what I went to Wikipedia for.

Then I got a text that my Amazon order had been delivered to I went down to pick it up. It's my ear protection. Two options. Then I had to get out my goggles/Flash player to test out both options and, of course, take pictures.



Both are kind of annoying BUT either one, I think, will work fine. So... Back to the pool tomorrow!! My ear actually no longer hurts. On and off, however, it itches like a motherfucker. And it's a little blocked up. So there's a chance I may hold off one more day, depending but at least now I have options.

Then I had to check all my tabs to see what in the hell I was doing when I went to Wikipedia and finally got to the LJ entry tab and VOILA! The entry for 6s and 7s is one of the muddiest Wikipedia entries I've ever seen. I want some of my money back now.

I'm waiting now for Sandy (HOA president). She needs my help to set up the subscriptions for the three Nest cams. We've been riding on the free trial but it runs out on Friday. She could probably figure it out herself but wants my advice and has questions about other options. She asked to get together Wednesday morning and I told her to come on down whenever. I really need to not do that. Setting a time is way better but in the moment it seems imposing. Oh well. It's not like I have mega plans.

I am considering a Goodwill Store tour. We have 3 in north Seattle that I've never been to. And one is near Five Guys. It depends on when she gets here and how long it takes and what I feel like doing after...
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