Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dry Dock

"Well, that ear looks normal." "oh, yeah, this one's clearly infected - but, the ear drum looks good."

I immediately had a vision of a tiny little drum set in there with sparkles and a spot light.

I now have ear drops that are a combo of antibiotics and something else I've already forgotten. The doctor said to take them for 5 days for sure or 10. The pharmacist said true that and that they should start to work immediately and fix everything in 3 days.

The doctor said that he hates to ever tell anyone not to exercise but... he'd rather I didn't swim until the infection is gone unless I could figure out a way to keep my ears dry. He said he'd seen caps at his son's pool that have ear flaps and I could try that.

We also agreed that since I've been swimming every day for years and never had a problem before, it's a one off and we don't need to worry. I love my doctor.

So I had a debate with myself on the way home. Swim or not swim... And here's what we decided. No swim tomorrow. Amazon, bless them, had both a swim cap with ear protection AND a swim head band for keeping ears dry and both are free one-day delivery. So they will be here tomorrow and I can try them on on Thursday.

Meanwhile the drops are in there now and doing their thang.

Oh and I took the OTC ear drops in and told him I'd been using them and the hair dryer after my swim. He totally did a spit take. It was a dry spit take but, nonetheless I never heard him laugh so hard. So that little regime is history.
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