Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Note for me - Diamond Club

I finally heard from the Mariners. An automated reply told me my person had left the Mariners which was fine cause I didn't really like her anyway. A new guy called me today. (When I send email, why can't you send email in reply???? WhatEver) He sounded way more on top of it than the woman who left so there's at least that. He's probably not my permanent person but he'll absolutely do for now.

Mainly I was worried about how the process worked for next year. They are advertising for season tickets during the broadcasts now and I didn't want to miss out. Turns out my worries are for naught.

As long as I want it, my seat is safe for next year. Whew. They give Diamond Club members until about January to decide whether or not they want to pony up again. Once they know who's in and who's not, then they know what seats will be available and I may get a chance to change seats.

He also mentioned in passing a no interest financing arrangement. He didn't explain and I didn't ask but interesting. I probably wouldn't use it but it's nice to know they have it. According to last year's pricing, my seat is one of the cheapest at $5,100 for 20 games. I'm guessing it will probably be a little more expensive next year.

It's a lot o' cash but totally worth it to me. I could easily spend it, for instance, on a cruise, but that would be over in a week and I'd have to leave home and mingle with strangers whose interests I probably don't share. This is like a Summer long cruise where I get to hang with people who get me and sleep in my own bed. And the food is still fabulous.

So now my questions are answered and next Summer, if I'm around, is set.
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