Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So, Susan... What kind of day are you having, and why?

Pretty darned good, thanks for asking.

Mostly I have the perfect life. I do not need to work for a living which is pretty darned luxurious. I do not have unlimited funds, and there are things I do not do or buy because I'd rather not spend the money but, unlike many of my 68 years, I am not now plagued, stressed, or constantly worried about paying bills which, I honestly think, makes a big difference in quality of life. At least for me.

My days - like today - are pretty much created by whatever it is I feel like doing just now. And this makes me happy. I'm a little hampered by the weather - it's too hot or the sun is too bright to go out but, honestly, I'm not that wild about going out anyway. Outdoors has too many variables for me. I don't find it thrilling or even that interesting.

I love making things. Most especially making things out of scraps and leftovers and stuff I have on hand. This morning I made a stuffed creature out of leftover bits of fabric and he's adorable. I love the process and the product.

In a bit, I'll go to the doctor to fix a problem so I can keep swimming which I also love. I start every day with swimming. If I did not, not only would I miss the water and the feeling that floating along gives me, I would feel compelled to do some other kind of physical exercise and I hate all other kinds of physical exercise. So going to the doctor to get this fixed will make me feel productive. And feeling productive is critical to my own happiness.

And the day will end with a baseball game. Right now, mid day, I'm enjoying looking forward to that as much as I will enjoy the game tonight.

I try very hard to stay mindful. I hate the thought of wasting these great days. But, staying mindful also gives me a greater appreciation of all the good days I have.
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