Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I give up

I'm calling the doctor's office for an appointment when they open up this morning. I need to get this ear fixed. 20 minutes in, this morning, it started itching way inside my head. It was really annoying. I considered stopping but decided to go at least 30 minutes. And, by 30 minutes it was way better so I kept going. And now, it's not horrible but clearly it's still pissed - the ear, that is. I can't have my swimming fucked up like this. I enjoy it too much. So... Dr. Internet, sorry, but I need an IRL doctor for this one.

[Edit. got in 12:30 today. YEAH!]

I have no other real plans today. It's supposed to be hot-ish but, it's now so much cooler at night that even when you are outside, if you stick to the shade, it's not bad at all. So there might be a bit of a walk at lunch time.

Boring... but absolutely not in a bad way. It's such a luxury to have days where anything can happen and I'm ready but if nothing happens, that's fine, too!
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