Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I will win or else

This knitting pattern I am testing is making me crazy. It's war and so far the pattern is totally winning. The reason (or rather my reason) for testing a pattern, besides helping someone out, is getting the pattern free and first. In this case, after these battles, I will never ever ever want to make this again or even see the pattern. I hate it. But, I promised. So.. the battle continues.

Meanwhile on the ear front things are way better. It feels a little clogged but no pain at all. I haven't even needed Tylenol today. I did the hair dryer trick after my swim - cool air right into the ear. And then I got some ear drying drops at the drug store and used those. I'm going to repeat this for a few days and assume it will fix it all up.

Interestingly, at the drug store, there were three swimmer's ear drops. All three had exactly the same ingredients and were exactly the same size. One was $6.95, one was $5.60 and one was $4.95. Weird.

Except for potty/food breaks I am not moving from this chair until this pattern is under control.

I turned the air conditioner off. It's a little too warm in here but I'm going to leave it off til the soccer crowd (game at 7) gets too loud. The quiet is so nice.
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