Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Other random stuff

I did take a long nap and now am feeling better. My ear still aches but it's no worse. I made another Care Bear but, more importantly, I cleaned up the sewing room. And then took apart the sewing machine and cleaned it. I love tidy.

Next up is the baseball game. The Mariners are playing in Florida so the game starts at 3. And I need to get this hat knitted.

I had to unfollow several people on Instagram and Twitter because Project Runway has started up again and I intend to watch it when I want to and so discussions turn into spoilers. I totally get their wanting to talk about it. But, I will miss their posts.

And I have my Live Journal friends list.

topum has been on it for a while. He has great photos and shares about his life in Moldova which is somewhere I have never ever been or known anyone who has been. Today's entry is a delightful story about the grannies in his village.
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