Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Too hot

I made the shirt start to finish and I'm happy with it. But, I kind of wished I'd split it over two days and gone out for a walk this morning before the clouds disappeared. The sun is out strong now. I'm probably just kidding myself I often wish I had gone out for a walk. I don't get off my ass but do wish I had. Denial... it's where I live.

I am happy with the shirt.


The fabric cost more (and is of higher quality) than my usual fare so I wanted to use up as much as possible. All that trim drove me batty and I had some really issues with the side split trim but I finally won. And now it is carefully folded and added to the stack of Shirts It's Not Cold Enough To Wear Yet. (On the top of that stack is a shirt I don't even like but is there in case Zoey decides that's a good sleeping spot - which, is exactly what happens I discovered today. Arranging my closet to avoid cat hair is a never ending and not always successful endeavor.)

Next up, the baseball game and the hat I'm knitting. The yarn color is called lemon curd and it makes me want a scone.
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