Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Glorious swim


I think I may start doing the Ballard pool every Friday. It was not at all crowded - I didn't even have to share a lane. And it was so glorious. Pitch dark when I got there and this is what it looked like when I got out. The pool is located on the 5th floor. Out the side windows you see the draw bridge and the working end of the lake with fishing boats and trawlers.

The pool itself is marvelous. Cool and crystal clear and wide and deep (well, nearly 5 feet at one end) and it has a digital pace clock as well as an analog one. It's just a fun swim.

I just read that our off year primary held earlier this year drew a record voter turnout. This is such encouraging news. Also the two candidates running for mayor are strong women. I prefer one over the other but honestly am so encouraged at having either one of them to run our city. Finally some decent political news.

Tonight is the first Seahawks home game. Vomit and mayhem in the neighborhood. Oh joy. At least I don't have anywhere I need or want to go so I can, hopefully, keep the door closed, and use the A/C to drown out the idiot noise. And that is it. The last time I am going to complain about Seahawks fans this season. They are horrible and destructive BUT they are inevitable and my bitching about them changes nothing and annoys me. So, the end.

Two more condos in this building went on sale today. Both of these were units owned by people who have rented them out for years. Cashing in on their investment, it looks like. I actually thought the boom was over but then the other day I read that downtown condos for sale are more scarce than hen's teeth and there are only two new buildings of them opening in 2018 so the shortage isn't going to end soon. Interestingly, I also just read an article in a local news site about a park in the International District. The article was written by the guy who sold his condo down the hall in March and moved to Italy. Maybe only his wife moved? Maybe he came back to visit and randomly wrote an article about a new park opening? Enquiring MindsNosy neighbors want to know!

I think I'll make a shirt today. I have that good fabric I bought for the class but never used. Time to use it now, I think.
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