Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

If wishes were cheetos

Several times recently, I've been asked to think about how I want things and make suggestions. The Mariners sent out a survey to season ticket holders that was basically 'what do you want us to do' - tell us what would make this a better experience for you.

I was such a failure at it that I didn't even finish the survey.

Just now I was looking over those questions I collected and a bunch of them are things like 'what would you do if money were no object or if you knew you could not fail'. Things that require you to forget what you know now and just dream about the very best it could be.

I'm going to think about those but I may never get to them because my answers, I know, will be lame.

But the one that really torques me is Sandy. The HOA board president. She has, recently asked me for a list of out of the box ideas on security. What changes we could make, how we could do it better, what would better look like. She didn't just ask me, she asked a group of us. And we all made lists. I really thought about it. I tried to get creative. I tried to come up with good stuff. I totally failed. At the meeting, she did her list first (at our request) and after the first four (of the 20 or so) on her list, I knew I was not even in the league. Not even good enough to try out for a spot on the lowest rung.

Within a set of parameters I can stretch the limits as good or better than anyone else. But, without limits, I am a looser. I flounder.

If all the world were mine...
I dream of the day when...
If wishes were fishes...

If I were younger, I'd put my brain through boot camp and teach it how to exercise my already pretty good but just oh so limited imagination.

I am grateful for the self awareness that prevents me from being delusional about myself.

Also, right now, I am really hungry and have limited lunch thoughts.
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