Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I spent my entire swim wishing I was in the LA Fitness pool in Ballard (a neighborhood on the other side of town - north of here). It's a much nicer pool. Deeper, wider, and in a nicer room with better lighting and always beautifully crystal clear and the perfect temperature. It is twice as far away and always crowded but, still...

My pool this morning was so cloudy that I could barely see the lane lines at the bottom - which is only 3 feet from the top. I'm probably going to discover at some point that swimming in that bucket of ill maintained chemicals every day for years (3.5 so far) has broken something in my body and/or hastened my end. I think tomorrow I just might treat myself to a Ballard swim. The longer drive won't kill me.

I forgot to post yesterday's care bear!


Also yesterday, while I was out, I got an email that the library had my movie waiting for me. This is the movie that first introduces Doc Martin - Saving Grace. So I went to pick it up.

It's been eons since I'd actually played a DVD movie. I have several options. A portable player that I got for free, my Windows laptop, my bedroom TV that has a player built in... I went with the portable player first. Fail. Something about the hook up wasn't right. At first it was black and white only, then blue. Then I gave up. And went to the Windows laptop which did not immediately launch the movie like I thought it would.

I finally got it going but then needed closed captions and then needed the screen wide and then the sound needed a boost so I tried earbuds and then finally paired it with Eco... and every time I had to start from scratch and go through the excruciatingly long splash screen. It was very frustratingly tedious. Plus, I was pretty sure I had seen it long long ago.

Finally I got it going and turned out I had not seen it and it was just delightful. In a couple of scenes, young Brenda Blethyn looks very much like my mother did when I was a teenager. It was kind of a little freaky.

Also note to self, don't do DVD's. Too much hassle. Except in vary rare cases, not worth the effort.

Today is event free. No house cleaner, no baseball, no errands that need to be run. I am doing laundry so that's something.
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