Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I've been wrong for a quarter century - yikes!

Nabisco Graham Crackers in the red box were a staple at our house growing up. We at them for breakfast (crumbled up with milk over them - YUM!) for lunch, for desserts, for snacks - with butter, with peanut butter, with chocolate or just naked. I loved 'em. When I moved out to the west coast, I was devastated to discover that they don't have them out here.

They don't have lightening bugs either which is a shame but no Nabisco Graham Crackers is a crime.


We have Nabisco Honey Grahams (blue box) but not Graham Crackers in the red box. So for 25 years - more really since they didn't have them for the 2.5 years I lived in California, either - I have suffered. Not silently, of course. I bitch about it to anyone who will listen.

ljtourist always patiently listens to my rants and pays close attention when they are about food. And was in Pennsylvania last week and brought me back a red box!!!

But, before producing the box, he laid out two crackers - one a little darker than the other. One was Honey Graham and one was Graham Crackers. I tasted both and told him that what turned out to be Honey Graham was actually the Graham Cracker!

Turns out they do vary slightly in both taste and texture but they have the same amount of sweet (I always thought the Graham Cracker was less sweet) and they are both delicious.

So I have been suffering needless and delusionally all these year. I don't even know what's true any more. My world is now officially upsidedownsville.
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