Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


New gadget/tech season is getting under way. I think I'm pretty safe from a new phone. The leaks about the new ones from Google don't really show me anything I'm interested in and I like my current Google one and I have a perfectly viable backup in case something happens to it. So I think I may be stable for now, phonewise...

But... chromebook wise? I could be temped. By a stylus, maybe. If there's stylus storage onboard and it has a couple of other sexy features and it does not weigh a metric ton. My current chromebook is still in excellent shape but it has, from time to time, shown some signs of age and it is not repairable. So... there's clearly a vulnerability there should something tres cool hit the market.

The real softspace, however is in the wrist real estate. I'm already my fitness tracker's bitch but... what if that fitness tracker also showed me swim details, while I was swimming? And gave me date and time. My Pebble watch did all that but it took at lot of hand holding and while the software (native and apps) was always close, it never quite got there. Plus it was big and heavy. What if something not so big and not so heavy with better software that still did it all arrived on the market? I think I'd have to bite. For a long time, I was locked into the Misfit world because I had such a long streak with their tracking but I'm over that. I'll drop Fitbit in a heartbeat if somebody offers me better.

Garmin has something coming out tomorrow but I think it's too big. Fitbit has something coming out soon so maybe? And those are just two that I know about, I know there are more just weeks away. I'm ready.

Meanwhile back here on planet real life, I'm getting ready to go fire up the sewing machine. My new pattern arrived yesterday and I cut out the pieces to test. It's a shirt with an unusual neck. I'm making it out of trash fabric and only making it from the elbows up. I want to see if I can get it over my head and if the shoulders fit. The pattern is for a jacket and I'm faking it into a shirt. Or at least I'm gonna try.

But, first, apparently, there is a cat who is thinking it's time for some food.
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