Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I did go to Costco. Usually, on a weekday, I try to get there at 10 when they open. But today, I wanted a hot dog for lunch so I got there at 11:30ish and ate and then shopped and then discovered that everysinglepersoninthepnw was waiting to check out. But, it was fine. Costco has the greatest people the world. I like to build stories about what they are going to do with all those fucking XXX or YYY. I'm easily amused.

I walked around and looked at this and that and ended up buying pork chops and steaks. $44. 15 meals worth.

When I got home, I finished up a shirt and made another Care Bear. I'm happier with this one - I've got the good how-to figured out now.


Then I got a note from Sandy (HOA president) about an incident at the front door yesterday and could I find it in the cam history. I totally did. The person reporting is the drama king married to the drama queen down the hall - old (my age) white people. The 'perp' was a guy who asked to be let in the building and was told no and went away. He was black. A very nice looking black guy wearing one of shirts they gave away at the baseball game yesterday. I got a clip of the 'scene' from the front door cam and the lobby cam. I love those things.

Oh and I found out that the fire alarm was the fault of the fire alarm company. They did their annual maintenance check on Friday and apparently fucked something up.

Baseball tonight at 7. I think I have time for some scripted TV before then...
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