Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night I was thoroughly enjoying a pre-series Doc Martin movie I'd never seen before when, at a critical point in the plot, a siren goes off. Only then, he's talking on the phone (I can see the closed caption) and the siren is still going off... Mute the TV and the siren is still going off. Ok, then. We have a situation.

I've lived here for more than 25 years. In that time, the fire sirens go off maybe once a year for some reason usually having nothing to do with flames. A woman down the hall put a chicken on the stove to boil and then went for a run one time. That was stinky and smokey. Another burned a pizza once. Most of the rest were unrelated/technical issues. None even close to suggesting that my leaving the building was necessary or even warranted.

The one time we did have a fire - a unit on the very far end on the other side of the building had their outdoor cooker explode - the alarms didn't even go off.

So, I don't get off my ass when the alarms sound. Some day, that kind of action may well lead to my turning into a krispy kritter. I'm totally willing to take that chance.

At least last night, I could watch the front door and the center of the garage area and the lobby on the web cams. That was entertaining. We got two fire trucks and a team of fire fighters. The new building manager was on the case. They finally turned off the alarm but then didn't turn the elevators back on for quite a while.

I went back to Doc Martin. There's another Doc Martin movie on Acorn as well. A little research turned up that these two were prequels to the series. The odd and oh so British part is that while the character is played by the same guy (the marvelous Martin Clunes) and also named Martin and is a doctor in a small town in Cornwall, the tow had a different name, the character has a different personality and the supporting cast is entirely different than the series. Wild. Also there's a pre-prequel movie with Vera - well, with Brenda Blethyn that introduces Martin Clunes' Doc Martin. I need to dig that up.

Well, I just interrupted myself to actually look it up. Not an easy find. It looked like I was going to have to buy the DVD on Amazon for $25 until I checked the library... I have it on hold now and I'm 4th in line! Sweet.

Today will be a sewing day. I have ideas and projects. I may make a Costco run. I need meat and gas but there is a third thing that I cannot remember and if I can't remember it before lunchtime, I may wait until tomorrow. Or not. Real solid on those plans obviously.

It's still amazingly, beautifully cool out. No a/c needed and I do plan to go somewhere even if it's only around the block. It will get hot again and I don't want to waste the cool.

This morning it was still dark enough coming home from the pool that I needed my headlights - that's the first time since last Spring. We're coming up on MY time of year and I'm delighted.
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