Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The last day (I sure hope)

I am so counting on tomorrow bringing an end to this heat. I did venture out and while it still looks smokey out, the bad air did not really bother me at all. My lungs were not all all unhappy. So... YEAH! However, the heat was a bitch. Also the not walking recently didn't help. I did not make it to the new poke place. I got close, saw the line, and went to Plan B.

I did see that one of my favorite restaurants up there - I cannot even remember the name of it - has gone. It's one that was so Chinese, it was not unusual for me to be the only Caucasian person in the joint. Half the time I had no clue what I was eating. But always it was delicious. Now it's a new place that does not look as interesting. Good to know, though, I would have been crushed had I planned on dinner there and discovered the switch then.

I got to Daiso for the sponges that I wanted and picked up a couple of other things. Then onto Uwajimaya for their pokey bowl (for dinner) and then I decided to try one of the CMB grilled cheese sandwiches. They just opened a week or so ago. They were slow and not rude but not friendly. I got my sandwich and came home. It was 15 minutes between sandwich getting and sandwich eating and by that time it was still warm but the cheese had settled down and it was scrumptiously delicious. I mean really.

And I have dinner all ready to eat.

I also finished up the kitchen reorg today and I like it a lot. I can see what I have and easily get and put back all my dishes and utensils. It feels just nice.

And I started on the bedroom closet. I have one closet of shelves where most of the clothes I wear every day live. They are folded and stacked. I am going through every single stack and refolding (this time very neatly) and sorting and taking inventory and culling. I'm hoping that very soon, all my tidily folded short sleeve shirts can go on the top shelves until next Summer and the long sleeved shirts will be moved into play.

Baseball game tonight on TV at 7.
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