Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No dessert until you eat your dinner

Zoey (the cat) and I have been having a bit of a round about. She's fixated on the food that comes in an envelope type packet. And is not happy about any other food. I'm perfectly ok with that but we've got a lot of non-packet cat food to burn off first.

So the dance we do is this... She gets about 2 tablespoons of non-favorite. She licks off the wet and kind of eats at the rest. Then, a while later, when I'm in the kitchen, she'll sit next to her bowl and whine and carry on like the last meal she had was at Easter. Just now, I finished cleaning up the kitchen and ignored her. And by the time I was done, she was eating the rest of the non-favorite.

She'll get half a packet of the good stuff tonight. Maybe. If she's good.

Meanwhile back at the starving cat ranch, she has a full bowl of dry kibble available at any time. So no need to call Hallmark for a sympathy card.

One of the items I ordered from Amazon arrived broken. So I ordered up more and they won't be here until tomorrow but I was able to move all of the cat food - current and reserve into one place that I can actually see (note to self: the stock is plentiful, no need to buy more for a looooooooong time) and then move then consolidate the toilet paper stash all together where some of the cat food was before.

When the Amazon order comes tomorrow, I'll make one last swap of stuff and my reorg will be complete. There is actually more stuff on the counter now but it looks much better! Neat trick (pun intended).

I got a new swimsuit cut out and have a new long sleeved shirt ready to cut out tonight during the baseball game.

And I made a rabbit and a cat but the rabbit looks more like a long eared dog with a bunny tale. ooops


And... hallifuckinglooyah! Finally. Flickr has an editor again. Whew.

bill_schubert sent me an article that says Krispy Kreme (my favorite donut ever) is making a limited edition eclipse donut. FINALLY, an eclipse thing I can get excited about. They will only be available the 19th-23rd. Regular glazed coated in chocolate. I am a glazed bigot. I much prefer a simple glazed Krispy Kreme over any other donut anywhere. But, I can (and will) make an exception for this special one.
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