Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The sky this morning seems as smokey as or even more smokey than it has been. I cannot imagine how horrible it must be closer to the actual fires. But, as I'm thinking this, the dude on the radio says it should be leaving tomorrow and gone by the weekend. Plus, he says that Sunday promises cooler temperatures and maybe some rain.

That latter is particularly fabulous news since my last afternoon Diamond Mariner game is Sunday. If I did not have to sit in hot sun, or any sun, I'd be so thrilled. Rain would be outstanding but no sun would be fine enough.

Today's baseball is also an afternoon game. My plan is to use it as the back drop to The Great Kitchen Cabinet Reorganization of 2017. This morning will be working out some sewing kinks.

It's another day of being inside because of heat and smoke but also, today, there's the addition of Metallica. They are in concert tonight across the street. The police have told us to expect the crowds to start causing traffic flow issues about 4ish. I don't need to go anywhere so I can just enjoy the madness.

I spent some of yesterday watching the first 15-20 minutes of a bunch of British/Australian/whatever TV shows on Acorn. None really stuck. I watched the first episode of the new Vera and it was great. Something about that show is just so compelling. I have to use closed captions and even then, I don't get a lot of the colloquialism and the plot is basically the same every time and still... I love it. But, I think Acorn and I are headed to splitsville pretty soon. They have two new shows coming this month and unless one or both of them are block busters, that will be it.

I just looked up the term block buster... never knew: 1940s denoting a huge aerial bomb capable of destroying a whole block of streets.

Off to the sewing room now.
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