Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The rest of the day

I am not going to get a dog but the universe is still not happy with that decision. I was watching Instagram stories and there was an and from Bark Box - two little dogs trying to get into the newly delivered Bark Box - so adorable. Not fair. No dog for here. None.

Several days ago I dreamed up an idea for a shirt I wanted to make. I thought for sure, I'd seen a pattern for it but didn't remember where. I could see it in my head but I could not find the right search terms. It's been driving me nuts. Google has not been helpful.  Finally today, I drew it out and posted it on Reddit/sewing asking for a pattern find or even just what to call it so I could search productively.

The first couple of answers weren't right - they were of shirts with an add on collar or search terms I'd tried and hadn't worked. And then the answer appeared - funnel neck with raglan sleeves!  BINGO - one search second link down a pattern.  It's for a jacket/cardigan but it's my size and I can easily make it into the pullover I want. It even has pockets! I can't believe how hard this was to nail down.  It's a pattern that's long out of print but the one I found on Etsy says it's never been cut before so fingers crossed. It was pretty cheap even with shipping. yeah!

This morning, while I was swimming, I dreamed up two projects. One in the sewing room and one in the kitchen.

In the sewing room I have this gynomous drawer that I have been using to store fabric scraps. I kind of took a stab at organizing a while back but that stab long ago went by the way side.  Today I emptied it.  I neatly folded and separated scraps by fabric type - knit, woven, fleece, spandex.  I tossed out the smallest ones and put the others into containers. Some went back int the drawer and the ones I'm least likely to use went into other places.

It was a valuable exercise because I found three large pieces of fabric that I had totally forgotten about. They are now on the Fabric For Projects shelves where I can see them and remember them.

Next up, the kitchen. Maybe even tomorrow.

There are several cupboards in my kitchen that I rarely use and a lot of stuff in the ones I do use that I never use so I think I'm going to make a drastic change.  I rarely use more than 2 plates of each of 2 sizes and about 3 bowls - the rest of the dishes are just taking up valuable real estate.

I'm going to clear out the cupboards I rarely open. Clearly I don't need that shit. Then I'll move the excess into there and put the stuff I use a lot - some of which is now in the counter - into the freed up real estate. Then I'm going to use the same maneuver on my drawers. Move the stuff I need and use all the time into one and the stuff I rarely use into another.

Worst case this plan has a flaw I can't see and I then move it all back to where it is now. Not fatal.

I just discovered the Baron Von Sketch Show on IFC. It is really good. You know those spot on SNL sketches that just make a great joke and then kill it by going on way too long?  The Baron Von Sketch Show's sketches are quite pithy. It's like they expect you to get the joke immediately.  Oh and it's all women - written by women, produced by women.  Interesting twist.

And I make a cat. A fat cat.

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