Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What the hell was I thinking??

Last March I went to a sewing expo. Mainly it was two giant fair ground buildings full of people selling stuff. And I bought most of it.

This morning, while I was swimming I was thinking of what I am going to sew next and decided on a vest. I designed a simple one in my head but then remembered... didn't I buy a vest pattern at that expo? When I got home, I dug out the pattern and found 2 other patterns and some purse hardware that I had bought at the expo. I am pretty damn sure I will never do anything with any of it except the vest pattern. I do think I'll use it today with major modifications. It does have a couple of good ideas I hadn't considered - mainly how to easily make it reversible by essentially making two vests and sewing them together in a mirrored fashion.

But, still, I really didn't need to buy all that shit. I have a hotel room reserved for next March's show. I should cancel and still might or maybe I'll be way smarter this time. Or maybe not. Yes, I'm looking many months of this internal argument.

I just finished reading the best book I've read all year and maybe in several years. The Force by Don Winslow. I read the audio version and it was just so very excellent in so many ways. I kept hitting rewind to recapture whole scenes because they were just so well done. And the story was one of the most thought provoking ones I've ever come across. I'm sure it will be a movie but the book is really movie enough.

Next up, one of my all time favorite series about LA Detective Bosch, now has a new family member. Michael Connelly's new series has book one all queued up and ready for me to start tonight.

No baseball today but I have for new Vera's to fall into so I'm not worried about entertainment.

Now I need to go figure out which fleece I'm going to use for my vest and which fabric I'm going to use for the other side...
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