Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Dogs and swimming

For the first few years after I retired, I had nearly nightly dreams about work. They were good dreams. In my work dreams, I did great things in great outfits and had really excellent business relationships. Every night. It was kind of fun.

Lately my dreams have been about swimming. Every night I get to swim someplace new. Some nights, however, it's frustrating. Like last night. There was this great pool that was kind of shaped like a lake with lots of interesting things to see while you swim but it was so crowded. Not crowded with swimmers but with people just standing around. Finally everyone left and I could just swim and swim and swim. It was wonderful. I'm fine with swim dreams.

I'm not as fine with the universe sending me dog prompts. A woman who is a comedy writer and comedian but who I only know from podcasts and Instagram, just got a dog. She Instagrammed about getting the dog and choosing the dog and yesterday getting the dog and she's making me want a damn dog. Parallel-ly, the Seattle Humane Society, which would be my first stop if I were going to get a dog, is getting a brand new state of the art home. I'd love to go see it, but dogs. What if I accidentally got one? Zoey is a very needy cat and that drives me nuts. WTF am I going to do with a dog? And I live on the 4th floor downtown. So dog walking what, 4/5 times a day - early morning, late at night? Nuts. Why do I even think about this?

Moving on... Two baseball games today.

When I lived in Charlotte, NC, I was a season ticket holder for the AA team who's stadium was a wonderful old neighborhood wooden ballpark about a mile from my house. They put on a show for every game. There was used car night - where they actually gave away a car. Grocery night - where they give away lots of groceries. Max Patkin, the baseball clown and one night we even had the San Diego Chicken (BFD in those days). And a double header was the very best in both baseball and fun.

These days double headers are far less common. I don't think there's even been one on the MLB schedule for years. They do happen sometimes when a game is rained out. That's today's situation. Yesterday's Kansas City/Seattle game was rained out to today they are playing 2.

I was just distracted by the Mariners scoring 3 runs in the first half of the first inning of the first game. Hope they aren't shooting their wad too early here.

It's hot and smoky again today. I can feel the smoke now when I am out. It's not horrible but it's enough to remind me to get back inside pronto which is not a bad thing. The extended forecast says that hot til Thursday and then Summer starts to wind down. I get that anything past the next 10 days is fiction but when that 'fiction' says the high's will be in the 70's and going down day by day, I'll take that fiction, thank you.

There will be knitting today for sure and maybe some sewing. I keep looking at the bunny from the other day and seeing how morphing into a kitty is totally doable.
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