Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My first email this morning was a notice that my email address was being used to recover an account. So I did a little audit. Nothing seemed a miss but for grins, I changed the password. Ohhhhh was a fun process that is. Actually, once I got my phone to play along, it got way easier but getting the phone on line with the new password was frightening.

Last week, I got an envelope from QFC which is a super market chain now owned by Kroger. I rarely go there because the store that is most handy is not one I'm crazy about and there is a Safeway one block over that is easier to get to. Anyway, in the envelope were a dozen coupons - and some big savings - free carton of eggs, free frozen french fries... All but 2 of the coupons were for stuff I buy all the time.

I am not a big coupon person. Once in a blue moon, I'll save one and then usually never use it. So i do that even less often these days. But, 10 coupons for stuff I use and am pretty much currently out of anyway... heck yeah!

$18 savings on a $58 bill? Sign me up! Oh wait, I already did. Like all the big supermarkets, years ago, they started this card thing. It evolved into a phone number thing. When you check out, you give them your phone number, and you save a few bucks and they know everything about your purchasing. People grumble about how it's an invasion of privacy.

Save me more than 31% on my grocery bill and you can invade my privacy all you want.

The pool was packed to the gills this morning. There was even a dog! He didn't swim. I suspect he is a service dog of some sort.

Much of the smoke is gone this morning. The forecast says it will be back later today and the air will be bad again today and tomorrow but right now it's looking pretty darned good.

Baseball tonight is in Kansas City and showing a very likely rain out. Oh well. I have plenty of other stuff to watch. I think I'm going to make the new Mariner coat today.
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