Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Smoke me...

The Canadian smoke has draped Seattle in a haze that is really picturesque. Instagram and Twitter have been replete with beautiful sunset and sunrise photos from the past few days. The smoke is blocking out a lot of the sun which is keeping the way too hot temperatures from being africa hot.

I'm going to venture out today. Two quick stops. I probably shouldn't and don't really need to but I want to so I'm going to try it. Goodwill (I need large, old, t-shirts to practice an idea on) and Uwajimaya (I need a poke bowl and some crunchy raw veggies.)

My cat Zoey has been trying out all manner of weird napping places lately. As I type this, she's sprawled out on my placemat at the dinner table. Yesterday, I found her on a credenza that I've never seen her even near before.

At yesterday's meeting, and in probably complete opposition to Cat Law, she was quite involved in the proceedings. The consultant put his little recorder down on the ottoman and turned it on to record the meeting. Zoey wandered over and sat on it. Thwarted there, she tried to nuzzle one of the attendee's hair. Then, when the building manager had to leave, she got into his chair and spent the rest of the meeting watching. Happily she did not saw anything snarky but I'm sure she had some bon mots at the ready.
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