Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For most of my adult life... All except the last decade really, I never lived the kind of life where having strangers drop in was possible. My house was always too messy. Not even dirty really, just messy. I had too much stuff and none of it was put away. Then I did a major purge and redecorated this condo and finally had a place for every stuff. It still took a few years to form the habit of keeping everything tidy.

Today I had 6 people in here. 4 of them have lived here as long as I have (25 years) but never been in my place and 1 is new and 1 is the consultant I had never met. I did nothing but open the door and welcome them in. It was like checking off a big item on my adult list. After the meeting, two of the people stayed behind to ask 'who did your mural, where did you get this piece, what's the story behind that one? Ohhhh, I love this...' it was very cool and very gratifying. I was pretty proud of me.

The meeting was actually pretty interesting. All of the people present brought relevant, creative, interesting ideas to the table and no one was a pill at all. It was good. And cool. The air conditioner is really working hard and doing a great job.

After the meeting, I had lunch and I made a rabbit. I didn't have anything big cut out and I figured it would soon get too hot in the sewing room (and I was right) so I made a quick bunny.

And I have cold fried chicken with cottage cheese and apple sauce for dinner. Yummy.
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