Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This is the day I should be pissed off but... nope

The housecleaner knows the new rules are that she gets here by 10 or no cleaning (no pay). Today she rushed in at 9:55. This was almost exactly when I got the email from the building manager that an emergency has required a plumbing fix and we are to use no drains at all until 1 pm. - no sinks drains, no bathtub drain, no toilet flushing at all.

Plus, due to the heat I was stuck here with the housecleaner. If I'm here, she has to talk to me and cleaning takes twice as long and she does not really do as good a job. Today we had the added bonus of her car getting smashed up yesterday. It was parked, she wasn't in it, it was an old car and the guy who hit her was driving for a company that has, apparently, good and very responsive insurance. But, in her eyes this was the worst thing ever and she had to tell me about it over and over and over again.

So not the best cleaning and not the funnest time but, it's ok. Shit happens. And next time will be better.

At 1 pm I got the email that says we can flush. Whew. I'm guessing that not everyone read their email in time and there was flushing and drain usage but I did my part.

And I made a new favorite shirt! Well, co-favorite. I think the one I made out of the sheet based on the shirt I saw at the baseball game last Saturday is right up there. I'm wearing it today and it just feels so nice and looks nice. Today's shirt is long sleeved so I won't be wearing it for a while but I'm going to love it. The fabric is stuff I got at the Goodwill. Not enough to match the stripes they they should be matched so I improvised with a 'stained glass' kind of effect that I'm pretty proud of.

Next up, I think, is a new Mariners coat. I'm going to cannibalize the old one and make it out of the same pattern I used for the green one. And hope to hell I need it for some of the September games. If not, it will be a nice fleece coat to have next winter.

Tomorrow morning is the homeowner's security meeting that I agreed to attend. The plan was to hold it in the lobby which is 1. not air conditioned, 2. all tile and so has the worse acoustics of any room in the world and 3. has construction workers and delivery people and all manner of other people wandering though constantly banging doors. In other words, not a great place for a meeting.

I just sent Sandy (the prez) a note asking if we could have the meeting here. And she said yes so whew and yeah. I need to dig the folding bridge chairs out from under the bed even though I know we won't need them. Heck, I'm sure we won't. I have a 2 seater couch, 3 chairs, 2 dining room chairs, 4 ottomans (ottomen) and a bench that could easily seat 2. If everyone on the invite list comes (which never happens) that's only 10. Oh, just got a note from Sandy. 7 peops max. We've got the seats. Ooops need to find new seats for the dolls.

Baseball starts at 5 but may well be rained out. Texas thunderstorms...

S'ok. I still have one Murder in Suburbia left. I can watch it.
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