Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

7:36 am and 76 degrees out...

I get that for many parts of the country, 76 degrees at this hour of the day is no big deal but I am in Seattle where is it is a huge fucking deal. Even when it's hot, in Seattle is always always cools down at night and does not heat up until maybe 10ish at the earliest. What we have this morning is a travesty. I just read on twitter that today breaks a warmest low temperature record set in 1894. Great. I am inside and plan to stay here where my air conditioner is working its little butt off and I appreciate it so much.

I made a quick run to the 24 hour Safeway after my swim. While I appreciate their being open, the 24 hour part just means that while they fill the aisles with people and product to restock the shelves, we are welcome to come in and crawl over them. We should not expect a cashier to be ready to take our money and we should be mindful of workers pushing gynormous carts of stuff around. They get a bonus if they take out a customer in the process. But, I did manage to get my 3 items and get out of there and over the bridge before the traffic started to clog.

Today is house cleaner day. I have been successful recently in getting out of the house while she is here but not today. We'll just have to live together.

I'm feeling much better mentally and physically today. Energetic and seize-the-day-ish. While I was swimming this morning, I solved one fabric storage issue that's been bugging me. Now I only have about 6 more fabric storage issues to solve. More swims!

I have a shirt cut out and ready to sew. And there may be more dolls. I did one yesterday.

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