Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Crabby for no good reason

Very inconsequential stuff did not happen like I planned and it has me off kilter and that's pissing me off. Plus other stuff. Like the eye doctor. I really do not enjoy the eye doctor. Look here, follow this, here comes drops that sting, here comes a bright light, here comes drops that will impair your eye sight for hours. At least I didn't have to have any of the eye glasses part. That would have sent me over the edge. I really hate that.

On the up side, the tiny 'age spots' that portend macular degeneration are as tiny as they were three years ago. No sign of any issues with anything. See you next year. Maybe. Maybe, I'll stretch it to 18 months. At least it doesn't cost me anything.

I also remembered to go to the ATM before it got hot.

I finished transferring all my patterns last night and so can get rid of that giant pattern roll holder and get the sewing room back tidy today.

My new kitchen rug comes today. I have nothing for lunch but I'm NOT going outside. Maybe there's a can of tuna in the cupboard somewhere.

What I really need to do is fix this attitude.
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